Frugal Coffee Snobbery

Good coffee doesn't have to be expensive. There are corners that you can cut, without compromising the quality of your coffee.

Assuming you already have a stove, cups and know where to get good roasted beans here is what you need to buy.

Grinder. Never skimp on this one. You will need a capable grinder with consistent result. Either get a Porlex Tall (750k) or Hario Ceramic Slim (405k). If they run out, get the porlex short version or the hario skerton. Think of it as a long term investment.

Brewing tools. You can always have a kopi tubruk with just grinder at hand. But filters will allow you explore and experiment more to find your taste. Get an Aeropress (575k), most forgiving brewing tool ever created. Or a V60 dripper that includes a measuring spoon (55k) and the filters (40 filters for 30k).

Kettle/Pouring device. Optional. I've made great coffee using paper cup as a makeshift pouring device. But if you have spare money left, get a pour over kettle. The cheapest you can find is going to do just fine. Like this Tiamo Pour Over Kettle (325k).

Other tools

  1. Thermometer : any meat thermometer will do. The cheapest out there costs me 75k. Useful when you want to try different temperatures.
  2. Kitchen scale : any ace digital kitchen scale will do. Use it to measure your ratio between water and coffee (1/15).