The Hardest Part of Growing Up

For me, it is being equal to my parents. And sees them as fellow human.

It is no secret that I am and many other child sees our dad as superman. Capable of doing anything no matter how hard and difficult it is, take us to the places we never been. We sees mom as the personification of goddess in the world, bringer of ultimately delicious cuisine from a wonderland called kitchen. At least for me to this day, any food made by my mom is the most delicious food, ever. They are beyond our grasp, or so I thought.

Then I grow up. Suddenly I am not a boy anymore, not a kid with runny nose on misty cold mornings struggling to breath. It is wonderful to grow up, you can do what you want, buy all the sweets, breakfast with desserts, have whole KFC bucket for yourself, you name it.

I am free.

Then I look back to my childhood superheroes, they are similar to me now, with a lots of unexplained flaws, scars. Then I realize that now I see them as fellow beings, human. They have always been like that all this time, it is just now I can see through the same height.

Oh yes, it is hard, because there is part of you that still believe they are always right. It is hard to believe they have made a lot of bad decisions and you know it. It is hard to accept you are being right and them being wrong, harder even to get yourself correcting them.

It is hard. But as we learn to accept that our superheroes are human as we are, we grow up.

The second hardest part of growing up is not being able to eat my mom's cooking everyday anymore. I miss my mom's cooking. :(