What is Instant?

I am a big fan of instant noodles. But amusingly - I think - instant is not how we should call it.

It was instant noodles. But still, I have to wait for some other minutes for the water to boil, for the noodle to reach the right texture -that point where it is not too soft and perfectly cooked, some adequate minutes to let the ingredients settle, mixed perfectly and give it the taste. Sometimes, I will still have to wait another minute to let it cool off to edible temp.

Instant noodles, despite of its name, still have its own pace. As instant as it be, you should still be patient for some minutes. Wait for the process. Accelerating the process by any means will strip away the perfection of the final result.

Bigger fire will surely mess it up, I have learned the cost of my impatience. Soggy overcooked noodles is not what I want. Neither do I can leave it for too long to cool off, swollen noodle is not as bad as overcooked noodles, but still not the one I hoped for.

It was not instant, it still has it's own pace. slurp