What Did You Do For Living?

I never know what is it the best answer to give when people asked me that question. What did I do for living?

Technically speaking, I'd love to answer that I did nothing.

Sure I wake up in the morning, coming to the office, do some analysis in my cases then in the beginning of each month getting my salary. But that was working, not living.

I live by doing nothing. Nothing. By doing nothing, think of nothing, feeling nothing. Nothing is something I do regularly in order to stay sane and alive. Nothing is being there, by yourself, and be with yourself.

Is it culturally acceptable answer yet? No. I'll sound like some irresponsible kid still living with their parents, getting monthly allowance.

Well, maybe next time. When someone ask me what do I do for living, I'll start to answer them by saying "Nothing."

But for now, I'd stick with "Zombie Hunting" and "Fortune telling". More culturally acceptable choices are the best.