That faded out trash bin in the park is yours, yet you threw you trash in bushes nearby. Not wanting to use it, not wanting to make this your home. This little as trash bin is yours. As well as the roads we pass daily, parks we play in, schools we goes to everyday as child, it is all yours.

Well, it is not just yours, see. It is ours.

We collectively owning and owing things to each other. We paid for many things using our tax money, yet we forget we have so much. Sometimes forget is not the word, maybe ignorant is much more appropriate term. We see past our part of contribution and responsibilty of owning things, to take care of it, to actually use it.

Even worse.

We pay people to sit in nicely built chairs as our representative. Yet, we do not care whose are those people. We build them nice building, give them good salary, just to let them fuck around without supervision. Ha!

It is all ours, not just yours or mine. Let's not fuck things up much more and start to actually pay attention to what we have.