Walk and Walk

I moved to this new workplace two months ago and find the traffic is quite frustrating. Well, almost all of Jakarta has frustrating traffic

The distance is not that far, about 3 kilometres from where I live. Ten minutes drive, at two a.m. But in the morning/afternoon rush hour, it takes more than 15 minutes just to reach the roundabout. And another 15 minutes slowly crawling centimeter by centimeter as the road is sprawling with cars and motorcycles. Overwhelming and energy draining.

It doesn't take long to make my mental condition grow dull and helpless. Just as helpless as another Jakartans in traffic. The hours I spent in traffic makes me endure things and wait, not pushing through it.

I decided to walk today, trying to see if things will be different. I walk to work and find myself calmer and more observant than the other day. I snap a picture on my way, play with a little kitten on the sidewalk. Less worry, more story.

I think I will walk again, tomorrow. Let's see if there is another surprise waiting.